Before & Afters #2

October 20, 2021| Before&After|3 Minutes|By Mike Tesselaar

Throughout time I make or create various images which sometimes turn out way different than expected. In this Before & After series you’ll find some of my personal favorites as of late.

Highest Dune

I went out to take some photo’s from the highest dune in The Netherlands (Schoorl). From here, you can look across kilometers of Dutch countryside.

For this picture it was key to remove the yellow haze that was created by light pollution. In the process, I decided to go with a more colorful design.


For this Pyramid shot (Austerlitz, The Netherlands), I wanted the atmosphere in the shot look more like Autumn. The blue skies made it look to “happy” so I replaced it with a white haze. This way the focus lays on the pyramid fully.

Soft Coast

This drone shot, taken at Palendorp Petten, was looking alright from the start, but could use a extra punch. I removed the people and other distracting factors from the picture. Next was to soften the colors and create a sunset haze. Last but not least, I darkened the poles to increase contrast with the beach.

Powered Lines

I love patterns. So, when I saw these solar panels I had to take my shot. I enhanced the highlights, decreased blacks (to make them darker), and increased the dehaze and clarity sliders. By making these adjustments, I managed to pull all attention to the panels and completely getting rid of the ground beneath them.

Line of wind

While riding shotgun across the Afsluitdijk, we came across a new-built windmill park. I was waiting patiently to get a good line-up.

The edit as a challenge, as I shot the photo from behind a window (without a polarizer). After dealing with the colors, I removed two windmills as they were distracting to the eye. Lastly, I increased the orange color on the bottom of the pillars.

Amsterdam Central Station

Architecture and symmetry, a perfect combo. I spotted this place at the bus station at Amsterdam Central Station. As I wanted to accentuate the symmetry in the photo, I made sure to rotate and shift the shot. Next up was getting rid of a green haze and creating more light in the middle of the image (the elevator).