Little Blue Lake – Tasmania

August 10, 2021| Australia, Travel|2 Minutes|By Mike Tesselaar

Looking for a quick stop at the top of Tasmania’s east coast? Little Blue Lake got you covered. Find inspiration below to add this destination to your Australian roadtrip itinerary!


Little Blue Lake is a result of an old tin mine. When the mine was abandoned, the gap was filled with water. This water has been polluted by minerals throughout time, resulting in fluorescent coloured water. As these minerals can be poisonous, please keep in mind not to enter nor drink water.

Location and trip

The lake is situated next to a road leading towards the top of Tasmania’s east coast (check map above). The lake is relatively small and you’ll be able to walk around it within a small half an hour. There isn’t a beaten path leading around it, so it will be a small adventure to find your way.

This location can ideally be used as a stop in the midst of your roadtrip to or from the east coast. It takes you about 30-40 minutes to reach the east coast from here.

Want to camp at the top of the east coast? I’d highly recommend Eddy Stone’s “Deep Creek Campground” to stay the night. This part of the coast also has orange coloured rocks much like Bay of Fires, just far less tourists.


Wan’t to see this lake but can’t seem to fit it into your itinerary? No problem. These coloured lakes can be found elsewhere too. Especially water from glaciers tend to show colours like these. Heading to New Zealand next? Then make sure to check out Lake Tekapo to see such spectacular colours.

Have fun planning!


Cheers, Mike